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We offer guidance for new start up Security business in UK from company formation to run a Security Business with complete sia approved contractor documentations .
SIA ACS Consultants
We, as SIA ACS Security Consultants, can assist you through the process to get you the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme accreditation, and then, help you retain it.
Quality Resourcing
We guide your security business to greater success with SIA ACS. When a business is SIA ACS Approved, it is deemed that the business is trustworthy and reliable.
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Welcome To Business Consultancy Group

Business Consultancy Group promises to make everything simple in achieving SIA ACS, ISO 9001, COP 119 and Health & Safety accreditations. We are best at providing;
  • Free online HR & Operations Training.
  • Free online assistance and phone support.
  • We also offer onsite support in which our consultant visits the client premises.
  • We also provide samples on request to complete the QMS Process.

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Number of businesses demanding compliance from supplier rises This trend underscores importance of regulatory adherence
This providers for security firms to showcase best practices and enhances the service quality and reliability. This promotes trust and professionalism .
Sia Acs is a voluntary scheme & works in parallel with licensing to set stan for suppliers of private services.

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We foster every requirement for starting a security business with complete documentations compliance with British Standards (BS7499, BS7960, BS7858, BS7984) by providing a sound understanding of all process of getting SIA ACS, business management and networking. We help you to find out the appropriate authorization for security companies as per needs from the given list:

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We Have Completed More
Than 3,000+ Projects

Welcome to our Case Study Gallery, where we exhibit with pride a kaleidoscope of success stories that highlight Business Consultancy Group's experience and steadfast dedication to excellence. We welcome you to explore these revolutionary initiatives, each of which demonstrates our commitment to elevating organisations in the areas of security, quality assurance, and health and safety. Assess our accomplishments while thinking about how we might take your business to new heights.

We offer guidance for new start up business from company formation to run a business.


Why Should You Put Your Trust
in Business Consultancy Group?

  • Strategy
  • Planing
  • Acquisition
  • Promotion

Cultivating a Competitive Advantage

At Business Consultancy Group, we believe that crafting a strong and forward-thinking company strategy is about more than just adding value; it is also about mastering the art of achieving a competitive advantage. Our strategic efforts are the foundation of our company's success. We methodically define plans that include but are not limited to, employee recruitment, resource allocation, strengthening supplier relationships, and strategically competitive pricing. These techniques are more than simply a road map; they are the pathways to success.

Setting the Benchmark for Excellence in Security Services

Maintaining constant professionalism and razor-sharp efficiency is the key to success in today's evolving security situation. The Business Consultancy Group takes satisfaction in our steadfast commitment to excellence. Our track record speaks for itself, as we methodically plan, implement, and effectively certify our esteemed clients in SIA ACS, COP 119, and ISO 9001, attaining a 100% success rate. Our expertise not only meets but also exceeds expectations.

Fostering Opportunities for Growth and Innovation

We recognize the pivotal role of strategic acquisitions and gaining substantial contracts on the route to long-term success. However, our strategy is more than merely securing business; it is also about cultivating these new alliances. We actively nurture a climate of innovation and generate possibilities for the holistic development of workers, stakeholders, and the communities we serve, in addition to company growth. Our strategy is about more than simply growth; it is about leaving a legacy of quality.

Pushing Your Brand to the Next Level

Being visible in a fast-paced digital environment isn't an option; it's imperative. At Business Consultancy Group, we specialize in not just advertising your business but also driving it to stand out from the crowd. We provide an all-encompassing strategy that enhances your brand's exposure and cultivates meaningful connections with your target audience by using the possibilities of platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Ads. We are brand architects, not simply marketers.

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We Listen & Work Together.

We at Business Consultancy Group become your trusted guides through this complex SIA ACS , ISO 9001 and Health & Safety accreditation procedure.
  • 1. How can we assist you in SIA ACS Accreditation process?

    Are you ready to set out on your journey to acquire recognition under the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) of the Security Industry Authority? Our highly trained employees provide thorough assistance, ensuring that you meet the tough qualifying requirements required for SIA ACS certification.

  • 2. How can we help you in COP 119 Certification?

    Do you want to exhibit the pinnacle of best practices by obtaining COP 119 certification? Allow us to guide you through every stage of this certification process. Our objective at Business Consultancy Group is to give careful, step-by-step assistance, assuring a smooth and efficient journey towards COP 119 certification.

  • 3. How can we support in getting ISO 9001 certification?

    Do you intend to match your business's procedures with the globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 standard? Regardless of your organization's sector or size, our staff is committed to walking with you. We have the expertise to create, execute, and exceed ISO 9001 requirements. We are here to guarantee that your path towards ISO 9001 certification is not just successful, but also revolutionary.

Our Happay Client

Our Happay Client

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