What is the SIA ACS accreditation ?

The Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) was introduced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) as a voluntary scheme. It provides contractors with recognisable approved status within a specific sector and is based on standardised qualifying criteria.

What are the benefits of the SIA ACS accreditation ?

Displaying the SIA ACS mark of accreditation, your customers will feel assured that they are dealing with a business that is approved by one of the security industry’s best service providers. The SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme is regarded as the benchmark for quality within the security sector. It has a standardized set of qualifying criteria that companies must meet in order to become SIA ACS accredited.

What is SIA approval?

The SIA’s objective behind the Approved Contractor Scheme is twofold: to raise standards across the industry; and to develop new opportunities for private security firms. Underpinning the scheme is the drive to provide a better overall service to customers.

To be eligible for the Security Industry Authority’s ACS, a business must meet the following criteria:

  • 🚀  Supply security services within the United Kingdom.
  • 🚀  Supply contracted security services. In-house security providers cannot apply.
  • 🚀  Have a minimum of one current contract for supplying security services.
  • 🚀  Have a minimum of 12 months history of supplying security services at the time of application.
  • 🚀  Supply a minimum of 2 licensable operatives, who are under contract to provide security industry services, within each of the sectors applied for.
  • 🚀  Supply licensable security personnel who are under contract to provide security industry services. Labour providers cannot apply.

Failure to meet all of the above criteria will result in a Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme application being rejected.

When we are satisfied that you are meeting the SIA ACS eligibility requirements, we will assist you to complete SIA ACS self-assessment workbook .

SIA ACS self-Assessment Workbook has seven main criteria which are;

Strategy – A clear Strategic Business Approach

Service Delivery – Robust Business Processes in place that ensure service delivery to its Customers and Stakeholders.

Commercial Relationship Management– Promote robust and transparent commercial relationship management.

Financial Management – Financially viable with sufficient resources.

Resource Management – Sufficient technical resources to sustain its business

People – To ensure all staff are suitably trained.

Leadership – Effective leadership which has ability to lead a security company.

Submission of your ACS application can be completed online. Formal SIA Approved Contractor Scheme applications are assessed against the following;

  • 🚀   Business employs SIA licensed members of staff.
  • 🚀  Business is a fit and proper organisation with a proper management structure.
  • 🚀  Directors of the business are licensed.
  • 🚀  Number of significant complaints against the business.
  • 🚀  Completion of the Self-Assessment Workbook

Failure to meet all of the above criteria will result in a Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme application being rejected.

When you have submitted your SIA ACS application, all the measures in the online workbook need to be implemented by your company. Records must be kept of this process as proof of compliance with British standards such as BS7499, BS7858 and BS7960.

Once the Eligibility letter has been received by Sia, you will require a verification visit by independent assessment body that implementation has actually taken place.

Verification Process

The SIA does not routinely conduct the verification process themselves. A verification visit needs to be conducted by a 3rd party SIA-approved assessment body. The following independent assessors can conduct a verification visit:


What are the benefits of SIA ACS Security Industry Authority’s
Approved Contractor Scheme ?

🚀 Provides increased marketing opportunities, giving your business a competitive edge.
🚀 Inspires trust and confidence in your customers for the quality of service you will provide them.
🚀 Increases business opportunities as your company could operate as a subcontractor for larger firms.
🚀 Sia Acs certification demonstrates your commitment to maintaining the highest levels of quality for your customers.


How can Business Consultancy Group help your Business in
Getting SIA ACS ?

🚀 We will guide you, step-by-step, through the whole process, so you can get it right first time.
🚀 We can help you implement the processes detailed in the workbook, and record the necessary information required to achieve Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme accreditation.
🚀 Once you have received SIA ACS approval from the Sia, we can conduct routine assessments to ensure you’re maintaining the standards required to keep your SIA ACS (Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme ) accreditation.